is a strange

that flees
from its nest

and claws
at my chest

in its strength

Wendee Holtcamp

W. Holtcamp

Ghosts of love
wander these
rain-slick paths
desire laughing
in the graveyard

softly gathering
the end into stone

Wendee Holtcamp

Wendee Holtcamp

Artwork Copyright Wendee Holtcamp 2000

These poems form part of a full-length poetry collection entitled "Skeletons of Understanding," written as I struggle to bring inter-generational patterns of family dysfunction and unhealthy communication out of the darkness of secrecy and denial, to examine and understand them, and to dispose of their power over myself and my family.

All poems are copyright 1999 Wendee Holtcamp and may not be reproduced without my express written consent. If you're interested in publishing any of these or seeing other poems, please email me at wendee @

My poems have been published by Lake Shore Guardian, Bad News Bingo,, MAP of Austin Poetry Newsletter, and currently I am a Guest Poet of the Poet's Porch.


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Artwork and Content Copyright 1999 Wendee Holtcamp