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My Latest Essays

  • Married to Mowgli, With Children aired on NPR's All Things Considered on Nov 7, 2002. Scroll down til you see MOWGLI. http://www.npr.org/programs/atc/commentaries/2002/nov/

  • Going Natural, about my revelations from the rainforest, will appear in the anthology, Chocolate for a Teen's Soul, published by Simon & Schuster in 2004.

  • The Way Science Works, will appear in an upcoming newsletter of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE).
Science/Environment Feature Articles

  • Thai Elephant Rescue on AnimalPlanet.com -- learn about the sordid underbelly of elephants in Bangkok, and how creative conservationists teach elephants to create music and art. Won Kingwood College Faculty Writing Award

  • A Grass-Roofs Effort. Secret gardens conserve energy and cool the air. Sierra Magazine. May/June 2001.

  • Snooping on Red Cockaded Woodpeckers. National Wildlife Magazine. Apr/May 2001

  • River-Hopping with the Manatee. Hooked on the Outdoors Magazine. April 2001. Photography by Matt & Wendee Holtcamp.

  • The Delights of Dolphins. Bottlenose dolphins share their near-shore habitat with shrimpers and dolphin-watchers, but the balance is a delicate one. Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine. July 2000.

  • The Houdinis: Vote for the Slickest Animal Escape Tricks. Animal Planet/Discovery Online. Oct 1999.

  • Turbulence Over Clear Creek. One of SE Texas few remaining unchannelized bayous has become embroiled in a tug-of-war... Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine. Feb 1999.

  • Love & Death on Turtle Beach. Live Expedition in Costa Rica - 11 articles. Discovery Channel Online. Jan-Feb 1999.

  • It Takes a Village: Baja communities play a key role in sea turtle conservation. Animals Magazine. Nov/Dec 98. (See Photos)

  • Watcher of the Herons: Profile of an octogenarian birder turned ornithologist. Animals Magazine. Sept/Oct 98.

  • Beyond the Beach - Uncovering sea turtles' oceanic lives. California Wild Magazine. Spring 1998.

  • Tampering With Eden: Exotic Plants and Animals Disturb Ecosystems. Albion Monitor. Mar 10, 1996. Named one of their "Best of 1996."
Outdoor/Adventure Travel

  • Catalina by Land and Sea. Photos and Text by Wendee Holtcamp. Outdoor California Magazine. Jan/Feb 2001.

  • A Moonlight Meander: Kayaking the san Jacinto River after the Sun goes down has its own special charm. Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine. June 2000.

  • Alaska or Bust! Historic Traveler Magazine. April 1999.

  • Alaska in Miniature - A Family Adventure on the Kenai Peninsula. E Magazine. Jul/Aug 1998.

  • Tubing Time in Texas: The Guadalupe River/ GetWetAways - AQUA - the PADI Diving Society Magazine. July 1998.

  • Hostel Environment: Affordable Lodging for the Green Spirited. E Magazine Sep-Oct 97.

  • The Rainforest at Warrawee: An Adventure Down Under with Colorful Australian Birds and Strangler Figs. WildBird Magazine. May 1997.

Dept. Pieces/News Briefs

  • A Whale of a Toxic Problem. Field Notes Dept. Audubon Magazine. Mar-Apr 1999.
  • Battle Over Clear Creek. Audubon in Action Dept. Audubon Magazine. Jan/Feb 1999.
  • Cows in the Forest. Twigs News Brief. American Forests Magazine. Summer 1998.
  • Snap, Crackle, and Flop: Backyard Bug Zappers Don't Work. E Magazine. Jul/Aug 1998.
Science/Faith Articles


I am interviewed as the "Nature/Outdoor" Writer in the 2001 Writer's Market! (Kirsten Holm, ed.) Pp. 594

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