Wendee Holtcamp
Freelance Writer-Photographer-Bohemian

with the melody of hope

the seeds of truth

the peace of God

the power of love

the knowledge of grace

the unity of color

the winds of change

I shake my tambourine at the world.


Lake Arenal
Copyright 1999 Wendee Holtcamp

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Fish Wars: The Battle of 2 Worldviews. Or is it?

A man of sincerity is less interested in defending the truth than in stating it clearly,
for he thinks that if the truth can be clearly seen it can very well take care of itself.

--Thomas Merton, No Man is an Island.

My Latest Endeavors:
  • Urchin's Day: A Memoir -- I've begun writing a memoir: an eloquent slice of my log-cabin dwelling, music-inaugurated, grassroots, hippie childhood.

  • Just Call me Doctor Urchin... I have begun work toward aladdin tickets a doctorate in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at Rice University.

  • Recent Articles Include:

  • I serve on the expired domains Mexico Lay Education Committee.godaddy hosting ASA is a fellowship of scientists who are Christians with a common fidelity to the Word of God and a committment to integrity in the practice of science. We are currently putting together a book on "God's Dual Revelations"pippin tickets in which I co-authored chapter one, The Search for Truth with Dr. Eugene Maxwell.

  • what is a hosts -- Smart growth and habitat conservation in the San Jacinto River watershed. A nonprofit group I founded in 2000.

  • I am featured/interviewed in the 2001 Writer's Market (Edited by Kirsten Holm) as the Nature/Conservation/Ecology Writer. Pg. 594-595

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